The personality and professionalism of the D.J. that you choose to host your wedding or event is in many ways the single most important aspect of your event. It is a direct representation of yourself, the level of service you hold yourself to and your dedication to the people you love.

What type of D.J. do you need? If you are planning an elegant wedding, is a club D.J suitable? Every D.J. has their niche in the marketplace and it is of the utmost importance to choose one that is the best in the genre you are looking for. Ask the D.J. representative directly what their specialty is; there should be no vague answers.

We at Rose City DJs specialize in elegant weddings and our passion shows!

All D.J./M.C.’s should be:

*Event Coordinator
*Sound and Light Tech
*Master of Ceremonies
*Experienced Consultant
*Enthusiastic Audience Motivator

Things to watch out for:

     Hidden charges such as use of wireless microphones or dance floor lighting. These should all be included in your packages price quote.

     Long contracts usually are charging you for set up and tear down, this should never happen. At RoseCityDJ’s that is all on our time, not yours.